Insomnia and problems sleeping

Psychological insomnia is the intense sense of worry and anxiety related to getting to sleep. The days worries (or the imagined worries) can dominate our thoughts as we try to fall asleep. Many times, our worry is the very cause of the imaginary catastrophic scenarios related to the consequences of not getting enough sleep.


Insomnia can be a consequence of stress or other sleep disorders (such as Periodic Sleep Movements), psychiatric disorders (anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder) medical conditions causing intense body pain or it could be a side effect of some medications.


Its important to consider the root of your insomnia with a professional and psychotherapy can help you to recognise the vicious cycles created by worry, learn to manage anxiety and foster positive behavioural habits.



For help dealing with insomnia and sleeping problems please contact Carmel via email or by telephone 07931301773 for more information and to arrange an initial consultation. 

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